The Team

Our Team in 2022
REV consists of about 30 full members. We have 4 elected officer positions as well as 2 system lead positions.


  • President

    President: Andrew Erickson

    Andrew likes free pizza. Former Electrical Lead.

    Contact Andrew:

  • Vice President

    Vice President: Nate Laposky

    Nate is a Sophomore physics major from New Jersey. He joined REV during his first semester at RPI and has mainly worked on the electrical subsystem. Nate greatly dislikes cherry tomatoes.

    Contact Nate:

  • Project Manager

    Project Manager: Joe LaRue

    Joe is a Senior Mechanical Engineering Major. He works on the mechanical system and enjoys building things and machining.

    Contact Joe:

  • Membership Manager

    Membership Manager: Eehit Mukherjee

    Eehit is a Sophomore Computer & Systems Engineering major who joined REV during his Freshman year!

    Contact Eehit:

Mechanical System

  • Mechanical Lead

    Mechanical System Lead: Nicholas Mellendorf

    Nicholas is a Mechanical Engineering Major from Connecticut who joined REV in the fall of 2022. He likes designing, building, and rubik's cubes.

    Contact Nicholas:

Electrical System

  • Electrical Lead

    Electrical System Lead: Jacob Long

    Jacob is a Junior Computer Science and Computer & Systems Engineering major. He, like the previous Electrical Lead, likes free pizza.

    Contact Jacob: